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Due to the health situation generated after the COVID-19 pandemic, different organizations have been concerned with developing protocols and certifications to ensure that tourism spaces are safe.

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the organization that represents private sector tourism companies, has issued a series of safety guidelines for the industry and a seal to recognize the good application of these protocols.

The "Clean Point" Seal of Quality is the highest hygiene recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism, to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of the Tourism Sector (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, cafeterias, car rental companies, among others ), for having implemented and applied the methodology developed by SECTUR and managed by specialized consultants recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. A program that evaluates the points of: Training of Managers, Hygienic Quality, Good Practices by Business Unit, Quality Assurance, Advice and Validation.



The Moderniza Quality Program is a Continuous Quality Improvement System through which tourism companies will be able to stimulate their collaborators and increase their profitability and competitiveness rates, based on a modern way of directing and managing a tourism company, conditions that will allow you to meet the expectations of your customers.

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